Hi there!

I am Anna and this is my website, welcome!

I love travelling and sending cards to my family and friends from all over the world. Not always I can find suitable, appropriate and nice card to satisfy everyone’s taste, so I started to take my own shots and send them as postcards. So far, I have visited 13 countries and everywhere I go, I try to take the best form the moment and place. The world around is full of beauty and fun. To spot and catch interesting detail for the picture is like finding a treasure. My motto’s ‘Live the moment’.

Our original idea was to share personal photos, which people find artistic, in the form of postcards with those who love cards, love art, love the act of receiving, enjoy looking at unusual and beautiful pictures. The goal was to make someone happy with the real card in the real mailbox. Each postcard is signed by hand only.

The Aiutico Postcards was designed as a just-for-fun project so we decided to stay away from commerce. We believe in people. That is why we did not put any price tags on the postcards. Instead, we leave the amount of the contribution upon your own decision. So if any postcard fancies you, you can order it and we will print, sign, stamp and send it to you as soon as possible.

Anna and Team

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