Your contribution is what makes Aiutico project alive. On purpose we decided not to put prices on the postcards, leaving contribution amount up to you. This decision helps us to keep from drowning in calculations and commerce, and allows us to get more fun by making original postcards. Our project is fully dependent on your contribution, as postcard production requires not only professional photography equipment, but also heavily relies on consumables for printing and post stamps for card delivery.

We send postcards globally, so anyone from the world may enjoy getting original Aiutico Postcard. Your contribution will be used for the following:

  • post stamps
  • high-quality photo-paper
  • printer consumables

Thank you!

How can you contribute?

Use your Credit/Debit Card to make your contribution to the Aiutico Postcards project.

If you have PayPal, here is the convenient way to contribute to Aiutico Postcards project.

You can also contribute by sending us Amazon Gift Card to

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