What is Aiutico Postcards about?

Aiutico is an authentic postcards project. We take our artistic pictures and turn them into postcards.

How it works?

You order the postcard that you like and make your contribution. We print, stamp and send the postcard to your address.

How much does one card cost?

Aiutico Postcards is the only postcard boutique where the customer is setting the price. The amount of contribution could be decided by customer after he chose the contribution method.

When should I expect the card(s) to arrive?

Shortly after receiving your contribution, we start preparing your card. Then it takes 7-10 days (sometimes more, depending on your location) to reach the recipient’s mailbox.

What is the size, density of paper, back of the Aiutico card?

Aiutico cards are 10×15 cm. We use dense paper to ensure high quality of the postcard. The back of the card has printed address lines and Aiutico’s requisites at the bottom of the card.

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